How to Welcome Your Feelings Instead of Resisting

Learning how to welcome your feelings instead of resisting helps you grow. Let’s look at feelings and how to welcome your feelings instead of resisting.

You welcome feelings by allowing yourself to pass through them, by acknowledging that it may be time to consider making a change, by being kind to yourself, and by being grateful for your feelings.

First, you allow yourself to pass through your feelings. Feelings are not permanent, though in times of negative feelings it may seem they will go on forever. In fact, if you resist a negative feeling it will last longer. So allowing yourself to pass through your feelings has a benefit of shortening the duration of bad feelings.

Second, you acknowledge that it may be time to take action to make a change. When you do this you allow your feelings to express meaning to you. You validate to yourself that there may be something your feelings are trying to tell you. When you do this instead of resisting or pushing your feelings down, you enable yourself to evaluate situations in real time. This can give you the benefit of making small changes early-on in an experience rather than leaving you needing to make big changes later to have the same effect.

Third, you be kind to yourself. When you welcome your feelings instead of resisting you are being compassionate to yourself and what you are experiencing. You are validating that something is going on in your life that, whether good or bad, is having an impact on you. When it’s something good, being kind to yourself can help you to hold onto the good feelings.

Finally, you express gratitude for your feelings. By allowing yourself to feel grateful for your feelings you are appreciating yourself for just being you. This helps you to pay attention to your feelings over time, not just in the present moment. Your gratitude helps you to learn from your feelings. As you learn from your feelings you’ll become more effective in expressing your feelings to yourself and in the world.

How to welcome your feelings instead of resisting is about moving through feelings, paying attention to whether or not you may need to be changing direction in some part of your journey, compassion for yourself, and gratitude for just being yourself. You’ll grow as you do these things!

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