How to Get What You Want for You

Self improvement is about how to get what you want for you. Your mind is amazing, you have the power to explore, experiment and dream all while being grateful for what you have here and now. Let’s take a peek at how your mind can get you going so that you know how to get what you want for you.

Your mind gives you the power to explore who you are and what you want. You can go out and consider aspects of who you want to become. Your exploration can include setting small steps to find out more about what you want in lots of areas. Your small steps can lead you to discover goals that you want to set for yourself. With your steps and your goals you can go wide. You can throw the field of what you might want wide open. That exploration helps you in figuring out what you want as well as how to get what you want for you. You grow in the process.

Your mind gives you the power to experiment. That includes looking at how goal setting allows you to focus on something that catches your attention. With your attention focused you can learn and set a goal to learn more. When you focus on a clear goal you can go deep. Going deep allows you to take a number of baby steps that move you in a specific direction. You can experiment to learn whether a goal truly leads you in a direction you want to grow. By experimenting you unearth feelings that repel or attract you. Your feelings guide you on how to get what you want for you, spelled out directly from actions you take.

Your ability to dream gives you the power to consider even impossible goals. The funny thing about impossible goals (like going to the moon!) is that there are possible steps you can put together to get farther than you might initially think. When you put your dreams into chunks of steps, you create actionable goals. Doing the steps that are possible here and now sometimes can lead you to ways to work on even the impossible. Your dreams free you from the expected. Dreaming can supply you with directions to grow. Some of the directions may turn out to become how to get what you want for you.

Hand in hand along with this is gratitude. Being grateful is an attitude. When your attitude is one of gratitude you enjoy your life right now. You don’t take things for granted. Being content comes from gratitude. It can propel you to want more while appreciating all that is in the now. This is even more important when you face big challenges. When you are in trouble, in pain, or bogged down by fear or other difficult situations, gratitude can be the difference that makes all the difference. Gratitude can even move you between the impossible and the possible right away, right now. Being grateful by appreciating (to yourself or sharing with others!) what you’re liking within the present moment is another way how to get what you want for you.

Applying your mind’s power to exploring, experimenting, dreaming and gratefulness matters. It’s a way through today that makes a difference and can change your future directions. These are ways how to get what you want for you that improve your life no matter what challenges you face today.

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