Gratitude is the Secret to Self Improvement

Being grateful matters. I’ve found ways to incorporate gratitude throughout my day and I’ve found that doing so helps me grow. When you spend time appreciating all that you have, all that you are, and the people in your life, you grow. Let’s look at self improvement from a lens of gratitude. Gratitude is the secret to self improvement.

It’s good for you to review all that you have in your life. It feels good. It helps you grow.

When I say review, I mean to remember specific things, one at a time, with thanksgiving and with an attitude of gratitude.

Doing so helps you to feel better about yourself. Doing a little review daily helps you to grow.

Yes, it’s okay to want more! Yet it’s important, at the same time, to appreciate what you’ve got. In fact, you’re helping yourself when you recognize that you’re totally satisfied with what you have right now.

Being satisfied is part of the process. That’s a starting point for both happiness and growth.

Being grateful for who you are as a person, for you, yourself, makes a difference in your life. Praise for who you are, right here and now, is a good way of beginning to express gratitude.

Your appreciation of particular things about who you are helps you in being content with who you are. Contentment matters.

Yes, it’s okay to want more for yourself. But when you feel compassion for yourself and allow yourself to be grateful for being exactly who you are right now in this moment you actually are opening yourself to self improvement.

Your happiness and growth follows with the actions you’ll be inspired to take. Inspiration from gratitude guides you in ways that make taking action easier, too.

You have people in your life who matter to you. Spending some time each day remembering the people in your life with gratitude is another part of the secret to self improvement.

There’s another step you can take with people. You can thank them!

You can thank people simply by smiling. Yet there are many more ways as well.

As you put together tiny bits of praise in your times remembering people, you can also begin to share some of this praise. Take real but small action steps.

Whether in personal conversation, a quick voice mail, text, email or other ways, giving your thankfulness a voice will naturally guide your process of self improvement. Your actions spurred by gratitude will lead to more actions throughout your day that help you to grow.

Spend time each day being grateful for what you have right now, for who you are and for the people in your life. Express your gratitude to yourself and to others in tiny specific ways. You’ll discover for yourself, as I have, that gratitude is the secret to self improvement.

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