How to Get Yourself Interested in Following Through

Starting is easier than following through, isn’t it? You can start something anytime. Yet when you choose steps that are doable, make some progress today and have a plan, you can also continue. Let’s look closer at that. Because it’s how to get yourself interested in following through.

1. Choose steps that are doable. You encourage yourself and set yourself up for being interested in following through by breaking what you want into small doable steps.

Your steps form the work of your goals. You can develop clear goals when you use the baby steps that you are capable of doing right now.

For example, I’m still in a phase of starting my life over with lots of challenges. I’ve been working hard over a long time period on my physical exercises in doable chunks.

I walk. I lift. I do those stretchy-band strengthening repetitions.

In fact, I just finished today’s sets of strengthening stuff. Earlier today, before strengthening, I had done my walk.

I didn’t start out my recovery where I am today. After surgeries a while back, I was barely able to lift my own hand.

Exercise still is painful. But I keep at it.

I did what I could do. I do what I can do.

For a long time I stretched myself too far. I pushed too hard.

It was necessary. But it was too much pain. It did not work well for me.

Now, I do what is doable for me in this day, in this week, of the here and now. I’ve found that having doable steps keeps me interested in following through even when I feel like quitting.

Some day I’ll be able to do more. For now, I satisfy myself with what I can do.

Some days I have to skip my exercise. But by choosing doable steps, I come back to it soon enough.

2. Make some progress today. You strengthen your resolve when you make some tiny but real progress right now. That gets you interested in making more progress today.

So to continue with the example of my physical recovery, let me share some more. Sometimes, in desolation, I feel like giving up.

I felt that way today. But then I went for my walk anyway.

The progress of my walk got me interested again in following through. I find that’s true of each tiny bit of forward progress.

The progress I made today in walking helped me take another baby step. Lifting.

But the progress from lifting got me interested in following through with my next step. Stretchy-band repetitions!

3. Have a plan. You bolster your courage when you have a plan. Your plan itself inspires you. That inspiration is how to get yourself interested in following through.

Let’s continue with my example of what’s happening here in me today. I have a plan to rebuild my life.

There’s a lot I can’t do. But my plan is to take baby steps toward where I want to be.

And part of that is being in business, helping people. Because that way I can do a little bit at a time.

And being in business nowadays requires that you have a platform. So my plan is to figure out how I can help people with who I am now.

Many of the ways I used to serve are no longer possible. But I can do some things. And one is to start a platform online.

Last week, I did. Right here as Slow Self Improvement Guide.

Thanks for being here. I hope you’ll find ways I can help you right here on this site.

I want to make a difference in your life. By helping you, and helping you help others, I’ll help you change the world in your special ways. And then as a result of helping you, I’ll have a way open before me so that I can make a difference in the world.

My plan is keeping me interested in following through. Despite challenges.

Like today being a rough day with lots of tears. Like writing here anyway.

Sometimes you’ll feel like quitting. Don’t quit!

You can choose steps that are doable. You can make some progress today. You can have a plan. Your doable steps, your progress and your plan will help you. You’ll figure out how to get yourself interested in following through.

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