How to Try Part of a Dream

You never really and truly know what you can do until you attempt it. Break your dreams into small steps and experiment. I’m trying here! And you can too. Let’s look at how to try part of a dream.

1. Break your dreams into small steps. When you focus on a dream you can imagine one tiny step that would bring your dream closer to reality.

Imagine! Write down your one tiny step.

Repeat! By focusing on your dream while knowing the steps you’ve written down, you’ll figure out what the steps are.

In fact, do this little process of focusing on your dream and writing something down often enough and you’ll end up with clear goals that you can do something about. These little things matter.

You’ll find that your notes help guide you in turning your dreams to reality. It’s part of how to try part of a dream.

2. Experiment! Take your written steps and figure out what the baby steps might be for each step that you’ve written today.  Take notes as you figure out these smaller steps.

Figuring out and writing down is an important piece. Because having the tiniest baby steps allows you to put one step into practice.

That is all an experiment is, putting an idea into practice. Pick one small enough that you can enjoyably do it in a few minutes today.

Now do the step you picked out! Take notes on the results.

As your notes build up you’ll find you’re making real life progress on how to try part of a dream.

3. I’m trying here in this article and you can too. For example, my dream is to help people and in the process build a successful business around helping people.

But right now I don’t know how. I’m scared and I guess I’m too focused on what I cannot do anymore. (Maybe in some small way you are too?)

So I am opening myself as I heal to try new things. And I realize my long term interest in self improvement (and the success it caused in earlier parts of my life) might be a way to help you and people you know who you might tell about me.

So I started this website last week. I’m hoping I can serve in a simple way right now. Just by writing articles that maybe help you or someone you might send a link to.

Hm. Or that you Like! I have to figure out how to make it so you can Like my articles. (Thank you Rob Ainslie for pointing this out over on Facebook!)

As I continue to try things, I hope I’ll find my way to some kind of income stream that follows from whatever new ways I find of helping people. So I’m trying in the here and now. And I’m here to say you can too.

What are your dreams? What are you willing to do to figure out how to try part of a dream?

Start now. Break your dreams into small steps that can add up to success over time. Experiment. I’m trying right here and now with this article and you can try something too. That’s how to try part of a dream. With these steps you can begin to change your world.

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Cynthia Ann Leighton

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