Try Something New to Grow Today

Do you want to grow? If self improvement matters to you, then try something new. It doesn’t force you to continue, there’s no harm done if there isn’t a fit for you, and it may lead you to something that helps you link up with people similar to you. Let’s look at how you can try something new to grow today.

1. Try something new with a thought to perhaps trying it just this once. Because trying something new doesn’t force you to keep on doing it.

Who knows? You might grow from the one time try you give today. Maybe your try is as simple as going for a walk somewhere you’ve never gone for a walk before.

2. Give something easy and safe a try. Don’t take a big risk. If what you try doesn’t fit you it doesn’t hurt you either. And it could pay you back with growth.

Perhaps you try smiling at the passersby when you go for a walk today. Maybe some of them will smile back. Might be someone who does, recognizes you from long ago and stops to say hello to you for a moment to catch up on an old acquaintance.

Or the practice of trying something as simple as this might make your day better. You might end up smiling more, naturally, and brighten the day for someone you care deeply about who turned out to really need a smile from you today.

3. When you try something new you could meet up with people who have things in common with you. You could make a friend or two.

Maybe your something new is to go to an interesting event you’ve seen advertised or been invited to. Something you’d thought of before as seeming fun but that you’d never considered to take action on.

You can help yourself along your path to self improvement if you try something new to grow today. Giving something new a try doesn’t mean you have to do it again, it won’t hurt you if you find there isn’t a fit and you might find that what you try gives you something else as a bonus. Maybe even a friend or two! So I encourage you to start small. But start now. Try something new to grow today.

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Cynthia Ann Leighton

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