We Gain Gifts From Adversity

It’s hard to recognize during times when adversity is hitting you hard, but we gain gifts from adversity. You learn to simplify life to what matters to you.

In better times, you can look back to more difficult times and be able to see good things that have come out of trials you’ve suffered.

For example, you may have learned to be compassionate with yourself and others.

You may have become a more patient person. You may have gained a greater willingness to follow up on the things that matter to you.

Some people identify what matters to them for the first time, only when adversity strikes. That can clarify your life, teach you to simplify your life to include more of what you care most about.

In more difficult times, it can be hard to look for gifts from the very adversity you’re experiencing.

In fact, if today’s challenges feel overwhelming, you might not see what you’re gaining from going through them.

After all, your focus narrows during times of adversity.  And you may feel negative from feelings of pain and loss.

Yet if you make an effort to look, it’s likely you can find tiny but important gifts even during your most difficult times. These gifts can provide you a boost that makes a difference as you face challenges.

So encourage yourself to choose an attitude of gratitude. Look for tiny gifts!

No matter how tiny a gift may appear to be, finding a gift that’s coming from adversity can help heal your attitude right now, in a way that leaves you feeling more hopeful for yourself and your future.

Even the act of looking for something to be grateful for can help you through your challenges. Because you gain a sense of hope when you take your power in hand and choose to search for something to be grateful for.

Your gift from adversity may be one that helps you with a new point of view, of your current situation. You might gain a hope that your future will have meaning for you in a variety of ways.

Gaining a hopeful attitude may help you to find a better way for yourself. A way to master your challenges at least a little bit better today.

A new attitude, such as hope, might be exactly what you need to get through today with more positive emotions. And getting that attitude may impact your future in ways you cannot imagine right now.

You might not see that you gain gifts from adversity if you’re going through a particularly challenging time right now. But if  you’ll look, you may be quite surprised to get exactly the gift you need to find deeper meaning in your life as it is today.

In fact, one thing adversity often delivers as a gift is new ways to focus on what matters to you.

Discovering what matters to you is one gift that you can carry back to your life for long term growth. When you look, you’re likely to find gifts that you can use to build a stronger life. You gain gifts from adversity when you choose an openness to gratitude.

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Cynthia Ann Leighton is the author of Slow Self Improvement Guide, helping people grow, giving strength and courage for the journey. She’s learning personally how you gain gifts from adversity!


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