Now You Can Grow Today

Are you willing to take action? If so, here is great news for you. Self improvement works when you’re willing to take action. Got that? Now you can grow today!

Your willingness to take action now is the first step to getting more in your life that you want. The first step toward the best version of you begins with you being willing to act.

Sometimes you’ll feel prompted to simply grab an action and go with it. That’s a good impulse when it’s about doing something simple that’s helpful for you or others.

In fact, for simple goals, grabbing an action and going with it can give you good practice. Practice is useful when you’re interested in self improvement.

So, when you’re willing to act?

You don’t need to overthink it. Simply start to act!

Here’s a small example.  Going for one short walk today is a goal that can give you practice.

Decide to walk.

Do whatever preparations you need to do to walk. For example? Dress appropriately. Stretch.

Choose a safe place to walk that fits your level of fitness. That may be outside where you are right now, or indoors at a nearby store.

Go walk!

Stop after an appropriate time, so that you don’t overdo for yourself.

Then congratulate yourself.

All those little things to prepare are steps toward your small action, in this case, your walk. In doing the preparation and following through with the walk, you accomplish what you feel inspired to do.

Generally that’s what growing involves. Choosing something, preparing for it, doing it, and rewarding yourself.

Simply doing what you think would help you or that would help you help other people can give you immediate small bursts of growth.

Once you’ve taken an action, it’s helpful to reward yourself. Such as saying to yourself, “Good job!”

It can be that simple. A few words of encouragement!

Those words (or thoughts) of encouragement matter. Adding encouragement to yourself after taking action may be all you need to do to get yourself feeling better about yourself and about taking action.

So remember to acknowledge yourself for taking action.

It helps you in the moment that you took the action. It also prepares you to feel better about the idea of taking action again — so it seeds your next action!

Growth comes from action. Action that gets you moving inside your heart.

Growing involves change of some sort. Sometimes that change is as simple as getting unstuck from inertia and doing something small.

Openess to change usually happens when you’re ready to grow. A certain amount of readiness wells up within you!

Following up on actually making change happen can be difficult. That’s because, while you can start today, you’re not going to be done today.

Good growth gets inside you. Deep inside you.

And that takes time. It takes practice.

It takes repeated action over time.

For example, it’s the difference between a single short walk today and a lifetime of regular walks that give you all kinds of lifelong benefits.

And that takes practice.

So even if you choose a form of growth that you can do today (such as taking a walk), making that a habit (such as walking daily) takes the day in and day out practice of getting yourself to do it (such as really putting one foot in front of the other).

Simple things repeated over time can get you what you’re yearning for. Be willing to take action. Choose something small, for today — and be prepared to make more choices like that over time. Now you can grow today!

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