Action Transforms Challenges Into Opportunities

Self improvement requires action. Other steps are important! Yet taking action is necessary for you to grow. Action transforms challenges into opportunities.

You don’t want to take random action. Mostly! However…

To some extent, taking any action that’s related to your goals can be good practice for taking the right action.

Practice taking action sets you up. In a good way!

It helps you in figuring out how to get closer to the kind of action you need. Because it gets you seeing the connection between action and results.

Practice actions show you what kind of results come from getting out and doing something simple. 

For example, if one of your goals is fitness, practice action could include any kind of a walk that you add to your day.

Thus, even very short walks during times you’d otherwise be sitting, waiting for something or someone, would be a good practice action for a fitness goal.

Whenever you go out and do something and get some kind of result, it feels good.

Taking short walks instead of sitting would tend to get you to see that you are starting to put together a pattern of moving more, into your life.

It feels good to notice patterns that you’re building as part of goals.

In turn, the good feeling helps you build the habit of taking action.

That good feeling is a reinforcement for what you did.

In the fitness example, you can turn the challenge of losing time to waiting, into an opportunity to practice doing something useful for your overall fitness goal.

Feeling good about taking action helps you notice your environment.

In this case, your environment includes deciding to do something that in and of itself is useful for you! Namely, moving around with a little walk.

Then, having noticed the value of taking action, your action helps you stay positive.

Getting in the habit of taking action related to your goals helps you grow. 

That’s important because taking action is where many people miss out.

You can do all kinds of other steps that prepare you well, yet if you miss out on taking action, you’re not going to get what you want.

You’re after self improvement, right? Be ready to act. Get into a mode of taking action. Action transforms challenges into opportunities.

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