Action? Believe You Can Do It

Do you have trouble, sometimes, taking action?

I do. I’ve found that when I go easy on myself, I break what I need to do into small pieces. That helps. The small pieces help me to feel: “Oh! I believe I can do this.”


When you believe you can do it, it’s easier to do it.

When I pick something really big, alright, sometimes I have a feeling like, if I push toward it that I can do it. But I really believe I can do it when I break it into pieces I can tackle. So right now there’s a big lot ahead of me. And I do have a feeling I’m going to succeed. Part of that comes from having overcome challenges in the same realm that turned into great success. Part of it is realizing that everybody runs into big challenges and the way life is, health challenges are a part of that. And sometimes people get slammed with one after another after another after another. Maybe it’s not that common, but it does happen to other people. I’m not alone.


You’re not alone either!

So figure out what you want to do. Then break it into small pieces. Look for a small enough piece that you can take some kind of an action today. I find that that helps me. When I do something today and I build a habit of doing that every day, I find that I’m growing. And I’m growing towards the me that I want to be. Towards the goals or dreams, whatever words are in your own vocabulary, for making a better life and a better you.


It’s important to believe you can do what you want to do.

For me, I’ve found that I can take action when it’s something I can recognize I can do right now. For some of the things that I’m planning to do, I don’t have the ability to do them now. And I do recognize that I might not get that ability back. I suspect, though, that by doing what I can do, that I’ll get to a point where I can hire other people to do the parts that I want done, that I maybe might not be able to do myself. And hey! Who knows? I might get to that point and decide that I don’t want to do those parts and hire someone else. So there’s things like that in your life. There’s parts that you want to do and there’s parts that you can do.


Start with what you can do today.

Build your habits today of what you can do. Take action! Allow yourself to find the actions you really can do. Believe you can do it and you’ll do it. I believe in you. Because you know what? I’m here to help you. We can do this together. A journey, towards a better you and a better me. Thanks for being here! If you want to learn more, I invite you to download my brand new free ebook, 10 Steps to Improve Your Life, by clicking here

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