Inspire Yourself To Do What You Need To Do To Get What You Want In Life (Including In Business!)

When you let go of fear, you allow yourself to move forward. With trust, moving forward can be a want and a need that inspires you to keep going.

When you want something and feel an inspirational tug that you need it to grow, you tend to be willing to do what you need to do. Even when it’s something uncomfortable – such as something new to you!

And that can be a strategic inflection point for your life, especially if you’re in business. Because, for example, you might be successful in business. But maybe you’re trying to add some aspects to your life. Maybe, say, you’re a successful person offline and you want to go online. Or maybe you’re looking at going online and putting up an Internet presence and you’ve never been in business before. Those are a little bit different.

In the one case, you’re starting fresh – and you don’t have anything to lose. In the other case, well, you’re starting fresh but you have a whole lot of other balls in the air that you need to be juggling.

The strategic inflection point there is to allow yourself, in both cases, to step beyond your fear.

To allow it to be okay that you’re going to be “Not Great!”

Because you’re going to be like a baby.

You’re going to stand up and you’re going to fall flat on your face.

And when you recognize that in the beginning?

Well, the times when you just wobble will feel a lot better.

Because you’ll be noticing that you’re NOT falling on your face.

And the times you do fall on your face?

You’ll be like, oh, okay, I’m going to get back up and take another step.

You’re going to be like a baby.

You’ll feel inspired to take another step! And you’ll be better! With effort over time that you inspire yourself to do.

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