Now? Be Curious!

Being curious can help guide you to new ways of applying what you’re already doing. Excerpt from my ebook Be Curious: A Tool For Personal Growth:

 “there are patterns and habits that are going on in your life.

And you can use those as you add new things in.

You can use your existing good habits,
the existing patterns of how you live your life,
to build what it is you want in your own unique way.

And by noticing your patterns of how you are with people,
you can use that to approach other people.

So for example, I typically go to church daily.
I go for a walk on the track out back of our church.
Our pre-K students were out there one time when I was walking,
I was just leaving, and, you know, they’re just a few years old.
And I overheard them saying about the old lady.
And I realized, from their perspective, my goodness, I’m old.
When I was that age, someone who was 15 was really old.

Look at the things you have in common.

Address how you talk to people.

So I used that example
to help me with my volunteering with youth ministry.

We had our kickoff. And we have 6th to 12th graders that I volunteer with.

I remembered what that pre-K person was hollering out,
you know, nicely, about the old lady!

I just decided, I introduced myself –
I knew a lot of people from before, but there were a lot of new people –
so I just decided I’d introduce myself as the old lady.

It got everybody to laugh!

The other people introducing themselves were in their young-20’s.

And I’m not!

So I jokingly said I’m the old lady.

And I picked out something they might be interested in,
said before you were born
I met Mother Teresa of Calcutta twice, in Calcutta,
Saint Teresa of Kolkata.

Gave out a little thing that might interest them!
In a very brief introductory hello from their perspective.

It gave a little bit of a connection
to think of me as a mom or as a grand mom
and not just someone there.
Think of that yourself as you’re able to interact with people.
Because when you make a connection, you can talk on a one on one basis.

Because being with people gives you practice.

And it builds habits and a skill set that you can use in your new effort.
It helps you to grow.”

Whenever you notice yourself interacting with people, pay attention to yourself as well as the other people.

I find ways to make the tiniest of innovations by the simplest insights I gain from observing myself. Tiny things add up! It makes a difference in improving how I connect with people. Even the youngest people I interact with help me to grow!

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