Planning Steps Help You Rise To The Challenge Of Life

The steps you take in preparing for your future really do matter. Indeed, planning steps help you rise to the challenge of life.

Here’s an excerpt from my book Plan for You:

Planning is a look ahead, and a look behind, and a look at where you are right now. If we didn’t run into challenges, planning wouldn’t be as necessary because we could make a plan once and then just keep on going with that one plan, right?

But challenges do arise.

This next year is going to be no different for you. You’re going to have challenges that arise. And you’re going to settle some of the challenges that you’re facing now. So have patience with yourself! Part of that is allowing yourself to have a planning session from time to time throughout the year.

Take a look-see. A look back. And a look forward. At what taking care of yourself might need in terms of changes.

Because there are things that are important to you. Things that you want to prioritize as part of your life. And that means finding a way to change other things in order to fit what matters to you into your life.

Patience with yourself is a big part of that!

Taking a deep breath, once, and letting it out and paying attention to it! – can be a good reminder to yourself to be patient with yourself right now.

Another thing that I find useful is to let my heart lead me. What you put in and what you put out of your day has a big impact on your entire life.

Your heart – the inner part of you that knows what matters to you – is a guide.

Don’t silence that guide!

Yes, there’s going to be phases of your life where you have to push forward. Do a lot of hard things! And leave out a lot of things that you would have rather had along during that phase of the journey.

There are ways to fit them in, in small ways. That’s what I want to encourage you to do.

Figure out what’s important to you and find ways to have – even if it’s just one minute! – to have a way of including them in your life. So that your heart feels content and at peace with your day to day daily routines. Letting your heart lead you is important.

Another part about planning is that planning can build confidence and courage as you start to see that you plan for something, that you do the things you need to do, one little piece at a time, and it starts to come into play as a piece of your life that works.

Doing planning can help you to build your confidence and your courage. As you get more courage, you’ll be able to step out there with bolder plans. As you gain more confidence, you’ll be able to increase your competence at the things that you’re fitting into your plans.

Because sometimes you have to do things in an awkward way just to get them started.

That awkwardness gives you the courage to keep on learning. That awkwardness turns into confidence when you make the plans to give yourself the practice that you need. Plan for what matters to you even if it’s not something you can do right now. Plan for things in ways that you can include them in small, small bits and pieces.

I mean, my goodness, if you wanted to become a doctor, you wouldn’t just suddenly go out there and buy surgical implements for surgery. No! You’d study. A lot of years of study. You’d get practical experience along the way. Observing other people doing surgery. Having medical rounds. Having a lot of tests, to make sure your competence is really there.

Well that’s what your life is really going to need, too. That kind of planning! Just like the planning they have that goes into making a doctor. You need to put that kind of planning into the making of you.

The making of what you want in your life – of what you want to fit into your life – oh, it probably won’t be as strenuous as the training to become a doctor. Yet, in some ways, it will be! Because you need to plan for the habits that you need. You need to plan for the routines that’ll give you the discipline to move forward with your life in ways that generate the results that you want.

That’s why, that discipline – that’s why the next part, not just the learning of things, but learning them gently – is important. I find that taking things a little bit lightly allows me to set playful goals. And when I set playful goals, well, I’m more able to actually do them. I’m more able to plan for the little pieces that help me move forward.


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