Accept Next Year Can Be Better!

What has this year been like for you? Good mixed with tough, right? Let’s look at how to make next year better. Start with this: accept next year can be better!

For me, I start with gratitude.

For example, I’m grateful that I’m healing. That’s good and tough mixed tight!

Within gratitude, I dig deep. How does that work? Well, here we are at the end of a year. Instead of looking back a little bit, I was looking at the year today.

Looking at this year, I see that I’ve gained a lot of confidence and capability back by my weekly coaching calls that I’m teaching.

Long ago, I taught at a university. Yet I’m disabled now. I’ve been disabled by many things. It’s a tough road right now that I’m on. It’s hard to get skills back! I’m happy I’m doing it.

Now that I’ve gotten through the sheer terror of starting that little weekly coaching call up, and gotten some practice under my belt so to speak? I’m getting better at it. It’s hard. And I’m doing it.

In fact, I accept that I’m growing with great difficulty. Indeed, despite the likely continuing tough stuff, I accept next year can be better! Way better. One little bit at a time.

How about you?

Perhaps you could copy what I just modeled above, by choosing something that you’re grateful for and digging deep into that gratitude to find acceptance for where you are right now. Even if it’s something that’s been really tough this year!

Then look at this year to see how that’s played out. Observe what you’ve gained from something specific you did this year.

Reflect back on when you may have done that thing in your past. Maybe pay attention to what gap there is between “way back then” and “now” and perhaps even how you feel about that gap.

That’s what helps me get through tough stuff. It helps me realize that I’m gaining. Helps me let go of fear. Helps me prepare to do my very best at moving forward.

I wish you all the best for making your next year be better for you.

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