Personal Growth: Are You Ready To Grow Now?

I’m grateful to recognize and embrace my need to grow. How about you? What’s your take on personal growth? Are you ready to grow now?

I don’t want to stay stuck where I am! But I’ve certainly made a lot of progress. I’ve learned a lot along the way. So, right now I’m grateful that I need to grow myself and that I need to grow a business.

Because I know from past times in my life, the times that I need something I tend to somehow or another dig inside me and find the resources within me to do what needs to get done.

How about you?

If you reflect, back to some of the difficult times of your life? I think you’re going to probably recognize, as I do, that a lot of growth in your life – the growth of you, the core of who you are – has happened because you’ve needed to dig down deep and build a foundation to push off of and to build a new life with. To rebuild whatever parts are there that you can work with.
So, for myself I’ve made progress that’s positive.

A lot of healing.

And part of that has come from the business I’ve gotten going here.

I still own a corporation, so I’m running it through there. Long term I do want to have an app, on an ability to help people with a tool, an actual tool that people can use on their cell phones and other computer devices.

But for right now, I started with where I am.

And where I am right now is retooling my writing skills: I’ve built a blog.

I built a blog.

Now I’ve got hundreds of articles on it.

Because I’ve been persistent and consistent with it…

I’ve started this little weekly training.

This little coaching that I’m hearing good things about from some of the small number of people who’ve been helped by it.

My web presence is beyond the blog – I’ve learned to make little YouTubes.

Oh, I’m sure I’ll get better at my blog and I’ll sure get better at my YouTubes!

But you know what?

Sometimes, when you build your life to last, it’s about being willing to do those small things.

Even when you don’t know how to do them!

Just simply get started doing them one at a time.

That’s what I’ve been doing.

How about you?

How can you build your life to last?

Is there maybe the possibility that you’d like to have a business on the side?

Or maybe you have a business that you’d like to build something on the side of that?

Something fun?

Something that might, over the decades to come in your life, provide both interest and income.

How about your personal health?

It might be perfect right now.

But as I’ve discovered, life has a way of delivering surprises.

That you need to work hard to recover from.

I’ve been doing that too.
On the personal side, part of that recovery has helped me with the discipline to keep on trying.

As I keep on trying different things, and healing in more ways.

Little things like writing blog posts, writing emails, doing little trainings, building little YouTubes, have given me confidence and capability.

Are you ready to grow?

If you are ready to grow, might some of these be things for you to try?

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