How To Let Go Of Fear By Finding Tiny Trust Teasers

Fear is a response. Fear is useful when there’s action you need to take to survive. Fear is draining when it drags on. Let’s bust fear!

I’m trying to build a new life. It’s slow going. I face lots of obstacles. Fear is one! Fear makes me stumble; I get stuck in fear.

But to move forward, I can’t allow fear to take hold. I must learn how to let go of fear.

Because fear is draining when it drags on.
Because I need to move forward with energy!
Because I simply want to learn how to let go of fear.


I’ve learned!

I’ve found that trust allows me to let go of fear.

Recognizing that I have trust helps me relax, let go of fear for a bit, and move on with the renewed energy of optimism.

I’ve seen that trust can be find in small amounts everywhere.

I’ve discovered that a small amount of trust lifts me up enough to let go of fear.

Seeking trust in moments of fear, I’ve learned to build a collection of little things that help.


On any given moment, one might be enough.

Sometimes, though, I need to move from one to another.

I need an inventory of these little trust lifter uppers!

That way when one does not work, I simply move on to another.

Or make up a new one on the spot, try it, as an experiment… and add it within me if it helps.


You can do that, too.

Think of them as tiny trust teasers.

Just little tiny things that may or may not be enough.

But that helps! Because you can apply more than on.


Tiny trust teasers remind me that I can build up trust pockets in my day.

Little things!


One breath pauses to pay attention to my breath and be aware that I have the gift of life.

Two breath pauses to notice my breath, notice where I’m holding tension, and release that tension.

Three breath pauses to contemplate what I’m grateful for that’s been in this day, today.

Little walks, indoors or outside, to move and appreciate being able to walk.


What’s a tiny trust teaser you could make up for yourself?

Anything that gets you to let go of a little bit of fear for a tiny moment is a good place to start.


If it’s easy, relaxes you and can be done anytime, anywhere, that’s probably a winner!

Tiny trust teasers help you let go of fear in a way that gives you a lift as you move forward improving your life one tiny bit at a time.

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