How To Figure Out Some Directions For Your Life

Be creative! That’s something I’m endeavoring to do with my life. It’s how I inspire myself.

To grow! Me and my Internet presence into a business. I seek to inspire creativity, in me and in the work that I do. The little things. Writing articles. Making YouTubes. Making little recordings. Helping people by answering email. Helping people by writing email. I’m looking to be inspiring creativity – in others and in myself.

Growing does that. It’s from a place within where you’re opening yourself to new insights. New insights, well, it makes your heart pour forth from deep within, who you are and well, the kind of creative stuff that’s based on your whole lifetime of experiences.

You’ve interacted with the world. In ways that are unique! No one else has had the same experiences as you. For example, yesterday I went out for a walk. It was cold. So I bundled up. It was raining so I had my umbrella. That was a different environment. It gave me an experience of dreaming for my future in a different space.

It gave me the opportunity to be a little bit creative. In approaching what I might do with my life.

How about you? Maybe a walk can help you be creative in a way that helps you figure out some directions for your life.

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