Write Lifetime Goals Someday

Hello, Cynthia Ann Leighton here.

Lifetime goals! People think about goals a lot. I’ve found that thinking is an important part of it.

What happens next for me is to write some of them down.

Figure out which ones I want to put effort into now.

Lifetime goals are the kinds of things that you’re not going to do just today or for a short time. Lifetime goals are things that send you in a direction of becoming a different you.

Maybe by adding something small onto your life. Maybe by adding something large into your life!

But goals? Well, the basic concept is just to identify what it is that you want.

To plan in a kind of gentle way about how to fit making that happen into your life.

Studies do show that writing things down makes a difference.

Especially measured over a lifetime!

As I go through life, a lot of my goals have had to change. Because sometimes challenges just force me to choose differently than what I would have preferred to have been doing.

As I do, I find that there are small ways to make changes in my world by using my challenges.

Challenges are unique to you at a particular phase of your life.

But challenges are also part of humanity. We all face challenges. Some of them we face and we grow from facing them! Others we grow from simply surviving them.

Right now, my challenge is a pretty brokenness in terms of big huge health challenges and the fact that they’ve gone on for so long. Added in different elements, different notes so to speak, different themes. But they all add up to different health challenges.

Well, my lifetime goals are making a difference.

I want to change not just my world, but I want to help other people too.

I’m guessing you might have an element of that, that you’ve got going on in your life. Both the challenges parts and the desire to make a difference!

Well, I’ve found that sometimes challenges force me to do so differently so that there’s really only time for one big thing at a time.

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