Steps To Fitting Things In

Let me tell you a little story that will help you find steps to fitting things in to your life.

In grade school, I remember one of our science classes was about fitting things in. It was more about organizing things!


But it kind of was about life, too.

A great big glass fish tank of some sort – it was a long time ago, so I don’t remember exactly – but it was a big glass thing.

My brother had fish tanks, so that’s the part I sort of tag into, in my mind. Some kind of fish tank.


The teacher showed us how you could fit a great big rock into that.

A really big rock!


Then he put some other big rocks that weren’t as big as that.

Then it looked full.

It really did look full.



But then the teacher put in some small stones, and it did look really full.

But then the teacher put in some pebbles, shifting things around.


Each time was like, wow, how could you fit more in?

But I still remember, after the really tiny pebbles, the teacher was able to put sand in.


My goodness, pouring all of this stuff into this one place.

Then, when it seemed impossible, I mean, sand!

Sand fills it up, right?


Well, the teacher poured water in.

So you were able to fit a lot in, depending on how you organized it.

If you put the water in first, there wouldn’t have been room for anything else.


Finding a bunch of different things, if you poured the sand in first, you could have poured water in but there wasn’t going to be room for the other things – pebbles, stones, big rocks and that really big rock.


The way I’ve looked at that recently is it’s kind of like the 24 hours I get in every day.

There’s a lot of things I can’t do.

There’s a lot of things I can do.


And by not filling my day with water, so to speak, like that tank, if you just poured water in there wouldn’t be room for anything else. Well, I’ve learned I can work toward my lifetime goals.

As long as I fit them in!


So, I fit them into my morning routine.

And I fit them into my evening routine.


I regularly do things that are important to me as part of a morning and evening routine.

I set up blocks of time for things that matter to me, that over a lifetime I want to make happen.

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