Accept Starting Can Be Slow

I write this blog. I started! Oh, I’ve gone way slower than probably anybody else you’ve seen out there.

It was a significant achievement for me to start.

Now I want to attract people to come and read my things.

I want to attract people to join my email list and share some of the things I’ve learned.

I want to attract people to take a look at some of the YouTubes I make in the future.

The first ones I started with? It was like my blog. It was kind of impossible to put the words together.

By doing it, and being really bad at it – I mean seriously if you look at them, they’re really bad – but they’re getting better.

I’m guessing that over the course of my lifetime I’ll get better.

I also started these little coaching calls. I’ve actually heard from a few people that it’s really been helpful to them. I don’t have a very big audience yet. I haven’t started focusing on that yet. I’m trusting as I begin to focus on that, I’ll begin to have people come and learn from me.

I used to teach computer science at university. That was a long time ago, a lifetime ago.

I used to be a tutor at college before that at college. Also a long time ago.

Not yesterday!

I did those things by starting.

You can do what you want by starting.

By going slow.

By being really bad at it while you get better at it.

Dare to reach for the courage to get started.

Dare to accept that you can do what you want if and only if you’re willing to risk the certainty that you’ll be bad at it when you begin.

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