Plan Now So That You’ll Finish

I have this determination to live a life that’s free and that makes a difference in the lives of other people. And to be persistent!

To learn ways to walk around whatever comes up!

I have a background as a finisher.

Despite health challenges, I managed to do two degrees during college.

I did a bachelor’s in psychology focused on the psychology of learning. I did a bachelor of science also in computer science. Along the way I took a minor in math.

That’s the time when I learned to tutor. I used to work as a tutor and I’d have a long line of people, especially people from all over campus that were doing statistics. Using the different software packages that they had to do. Since I was able to help people from different disciplines because, you know I was accustomed to crossing disciplines, I ended up with a lot of opportunity to do that. Because whenever I was working there was always someone to talk to. Just by interacting with people, I learned how to teach.

Then when I went to graduate school, where I got a master’s in computer science, I learned to teach. I ended up teaching 48 students every semester. Even full professors from other disciplines, other departments, ended up taking my class because they’d heard good things about me.

I know that I crawled through that process to learn to teach.

I’m hoping that a lot of that will start to come back as I continue with my little free coaching calls – which I plan to continue doing.

Lifetime goals for me?

At that time, that was a lifetime goal – each of those degrees! – because those were big.

My biggest thing that I was working on at that time was studying.

What’s your history?

Do you have a history as a finisher?

Have you accomplished things?
Really look at those!

Because, you know what? That can encourage you to remember.
Whatever challenges you face, whatever lifetime goals you create that have bumps along the way, that you’ve finished some things in the past

You’ve learned a lot from finishing those things.

You’ve learned from that.

Like me!

I learned to tutor when I was studying.

I learned to teach by getting up and doing it.

I learned to grow by helping other people and by learning from them, by the interactions, of how to help them better.

Lifetime goals, well, one way of making it better is by writing it down.
But another way is by making time blocks daily.

What time blocks can you invest in yourself?

What time are you willing to make so that you’ll finish some things in the future?

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