How do you become successful in starting a business?

Yes, you’ll see some people start off successful from what looks like day one. Look more closely? Usually success is from the momentum of what they were doing recently.

Starting from scratch to create something from nothing takes sustained effort over time.

It takes persistence.

It takes willingness to do the small, humble things that create momentum when done humbly with sustained effort over time.

Part of that effort has to be climbing a bunch of learning curves.

Part of that effort is finding people to for you to help and finding people to guide you through the inevitable bumps.

The wisdom to evaluate what’s going on and change course as necessary is a goodly part of it too.

I’m healing. I’m growing. I’m rebuilding my life. It’s slow going. I’m starting a business at the same time! I succeeded in business before, so I know the learning curves can be steep and frustrating. I’m using building a business as a way to heal as well as a way to build a future. How would the process of beginning a business help you? It can be more than the creation of a business. It can be about growing and healing you and your life.

How do you become successful in starting a business? You start. You learn. You figure it out day by day by taking action.

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