Cynthia Ann Leighton On Increasing Confidence

Hello, Cynthia Ann Leighton here. Confidence to some extent comes from doing the right things with our life that fit us in the present moment.

Some phases of our life we’ll have to start over again. Because there’s going to be bumps with our health and bumps with other aspects of life that require rebuilding from scratch or from new restrictions anyway.

When we do that, it’s awkward.

We don’t have habits in place.

We don’t know what to do when we rebuild or restart.


We don’t know how to face the new challenges until we’ve actually begun facing them.

Facing challenges does increase our confidence.

Because it gives us the willingness to do what we need to do to handle whatever has happened.

And life has a tendency to happen!


A lot of things that we don’t plan simply enter into our lives.

A lot of things that we don’t want intrude, such as health challenges.

As we handle whatever it is that happens, it does increase our confidence.


Our willingness to face whatever needs to be faced, from one moment to the next, gives us a level of confidence that it’s okay to learn.

It’s okay to do things that are outside of our comfort zone.

A confidence to know that we might not have a skill set for something we want to do, but we can get it.

I’m grateful for confidence and grateful for developing that kind of confidence. I find that my gratitude increases my confidence!

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