Cynthia Ann Leighton: Purpose + Confidence

Purpose has to do with what matters. To you! It’s personal, isn’t it? What captures your attention is different from what gets me, Cynthia Ann Leighton here.

Knowing your purpose leads to confidence.

Confidence has to do with what phase you’re in right now.

In the sense that there are things that fit in this phase in your life that didn’t fit before, and might not fit again in the future.

For example, I’ve had to stay in recently for 9 days.

I didn’t plan that.

But ice and snow falling from the sky changed my plans.

Finally… the other day it looked like in the afternoon I’d be able to get out.

Lots of warm rain’s been coming in, melting things out so there’s safe places to put my feet.


I’m in a phase in my life right now where I’m moving forward!

And taking a nasty fall right now or getting stuck somewhere in the snow and ice, wasn’t something I was ready to face.

So, I didn’t allow that to arise.


I was confident in my ability to keep going forward with my life.

And I was willing to hold onto that confidence by staying indoors to weather out the storm.


There are all kinds of storms in life.

And sometimes we need to sidestep them.


Now is a phase of my life where I felt hunkering down and staying indoors was what I needed to do.

I was able to continue talking to people on the phone.

Interacting with people online.

I was able to make tiny progress each day.

As I’ve been doing.

In terms of my Internet presence.

The concept of building a business, that over the coming decades will support me.

Continuing to learn. Doing the small things that I can.

Walking back and forth in my home. Doing some little dance steps to get some more exercise. Walking back and forth slowly at home isn’t really enough exercise.


Staying indoors? It was a small challenge. And I gained confidence by facing it.

Stories of other people of trees falling on their homes.

Getting stuck unable to keep going on the road.

Sliding all over the road.

Even one friend who went way off the road and had to call the fire department to come rescue her.


I avoided all that.

I avoided all that partly by having plans to keep food in the home.

So that my home didn’t need to be left behind.

Oh, I ran out of bananas and carrots and fresh things.

But I’m doing fine.

I’m confident that if I had to, I could stay where I am for quite a while.

But I really looked forward to going out.


Confidence is an assessment of a situation.

And an assessment that you have what it takes right now to make the right choices for you.

Oh, somebody else’s choice might be to be out cross-country skiing in this mess. I gave away my cross-country skis years ago. I just was facing too many health challenges to have any real expectation of that coming back into my life.


There are phases in life.

You add in new skills; you add in new wisdom.


You judge according to what is real for you right now.

And you consider what you do need to practice.

You choose based on what matters to you. Based on your own inner sense of purpose.

How are you doing on noticing your own inner sense of what matters to you?

How are you doing on applying what is real for you right now in ways that build you a future you want to live in?

What adjustments do you need to make?

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