Cynthia Ann Leighton: Risks

Appropriate next steps for me, Cynthia Ann Leighton, depend on my situation. For you, too! Assess the risks. Risks of doing! Risks of not doing.

Recent winter choices for me include
avoiding going outside in snow and ice.

Recent life choices for me include
embracing learning to build an online business.


Consider for you! What are the risks?

Probably you’re not facing ice.

But you’re facing other things.

Some of them you need to go out into.


Maybe there’s an equivalent of you needing to go cross-country or downhill skiing today.

A risk that you need to take.


Or maybe there’s a smaller risk you need to take.

In a different area completely.


Confidence comes from judging what risk you need to take for this phase in your life.

And doing them!


Taking the action that you need to do.

Deliberately choosing to practice.


Because when you’re taking on something new, it is practice.

And it’s going to take a lot of practice.


Just like that baby learning to stand up and take a step isn’t going to be winning an Olympic medal in any event for quite a number of years!

There’s a lot of skills in between what you want and where you’re at.

That you’re going to need to acquire.


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