Cynthia Ann Leighton: You’re Taking Action!

Consider who you’ve got in your circle.

Your immediate circle!

Your family; your friends.

Your colleagues and people in the organizations you’re an active part of.

Remember and reflect on how you connect with people.


Because connecting with people gives you a deep confidence that you can figure out what you need to do.

Because as you connect with people, it’s a real-time experience.


You’re responding to different cues.

You’re responding to when you need to ask a question.

You’re asking a question.


You’re taking action!


You’re responding to when you need to be quiet and simply listen.

That’s a wisdom choice that not everybody has.

That should give you confidence, too, when you reflect on your ability to do that.


And simply be aware that you have a lot of skills just to be able to connect with the people that are in your life.

And when you remember that?

That increases your confidence.


You can do deliberate practice there, too.

You can take a day when you’re more focused on listening.

Or you can take a day where you’re more focused on giving of your time to do little things.

Like teaching someone some small skills. Coaching them through an additional practical skill that they need like being able to kick the ball back and forth while still moving forward.


Or giving someone a tip in the kind of business that you used to run.

Or taking someone to a medical appointment and being with them, holding their hand when they get bad news.

Or taking someone shopping who needs a bit of a hand to help getting through the winter or getting through the hot summer.

Or simply taking someone to lunch who needs a caring ear.


There’s things you can do with your circle of family, friends, colleagues and members of the organizations that you’re part of that can help you to gain practical experience with confidence in connecting with real people.

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