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Consider also when you’re trying to increase your confidence, to look back at your schooling and what you’ve learned.

It isn’t just the degrees that you’ve gotten or the skills that you’ve mastered! Or the projects that you’ve taken on.

It’s also the simple experience of learning to learn.

That’s a big part of life.

And you should be confident of having gained those skills.

As you went to school and learned to read and write and use the computer and all the different devices that are out there?

Reflect on that.


With confidence in your ability to learn whatever you need to learn going forward.

Consider also your hands-on experience of your entire lifetime. And not just what’s been going on in the past year or two.

Your hands-on experience of what you’ve been able to do during your life in a practical sense?


Practical things build confidence.

When you want to do something big, look at the small things that you’ve already done.

Consider them. Reflect on them.


Simply remember them.

And allow yourself to reexperience the deep knowledge that you can go confidently in the direction of your dreams.


That you can do it.

And that there is a doing of it!


It’s important to get into action.

Even when you’re just testing out ideas.


If you’ve got a dream, there’s got to be something you can do in the direction of that dream.

Maybe it’s planning this year’s vacation to include a destination where you can visit restaurants. Or museums or forests! That allow you to do a tiny part of whatever it is that your dream includes.

Maybe it’s as simple as 15 minutes of reading every day for the next, I don’t know, one month, one year, one decade.


Some things take time!

When you fold additional things into your life, you can only prioritize so many of them on a day to day basis.

And yet?


It’s those things that you prioritize that get done.

So, if there’s something that’s a big dream of yours, break it down into the smallest possible thing and see how you could do 15 minutes every day toward that. Maybe it’s 15 minutes of meditating, I don’t know. Maybe it’s 15 minutes of reading. Maybe it’s 15 minutes of journaling ideas.

And maybe it’s weekends of 5 hours a day doing follow-up on the things that you’ve written down.

Or dreamed up in those 15 minutes Monday through Friday.


You can increase your confidence by doing the things you dream of in small bits and pieces.

You can increase your confidence in your choices by prioritizing your dreams and picking specific, practical things that are going to bring you closer to the day of your dreams being true.

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