Cynthia Ann Leighton: Prioritizing

Increase your confidence in your choices by prioritizing your dreams. Pick specific, practical things that are going to bring you closer to the day of your dreams being true.

Oh, you can’t take 10 or 20 of them and work on them at the same time!

But if you generalize them and look at exactly what it is at the core, you can prioritize the one thing, or two or three things, that are going to get you there, consistently over time.

You can learn the skills to do that.

Sometimes it only takes 15 minutes a day.

Sometimes it takes a lot more time than that. It’s a bigger commitment. Sometimes it takes your full-time 24 hour a day focus.

Decide what you want.

Then decide what it’s worth to you.

Progress isn’t linear. You are going to go forward and backward – as you practice and as you get bumps.

And sometimes you are going to have to go full time into student mode!

Just like a doctor. I mean, a doctor goes through an awful lot to become a doctor. And then if they decide they want to specialize, there’s a whole lot more years involved there, too.

Sometimes your dreams are big enough that it’s going to take you a full-time commitment to do.

In some of those cases, such as becoming a doctor, you’re going to have to pay for things. Such as college or medical school – and working at a lot of different practical experiences for very low pay.

When you start a business, it’s kind of like that.

It takes time to build in those skills.

It takes effort over time.

I think you can start with something that’s simple though! An Internet presence. Learning new skills to communicate and connect with people.

To see if it really is an area that you want to spend your life on. Or that you want to spend a few years on.

Experimenting gives you practical confidence.

It isn’t linear. Sometimes you put a little bit in and you get a lot out.

And getting a lot out isn’t only financial. You can get a lot of satisfaction from helping people. As you build your Internet presence, for one example, if you’re building a business long-term.

And there’s a satisfaction that comes with whatever it is you’re trying to get confidence in. Maybe your need is to connect with people and to learn to connect with them.

Maybe it’s a whole lot of different things.

I find that confidence for me often comes from gratitude.

When I consider what is satisfying to me, I feel grateful that those things are in my life.

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