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I help out with the 6th to 12th graders in my community – our Youth Ministry that takes place every week – I find that satisfying.

It’s great being with the young people with their energy and all the different moods that they go through. And how easy it is to have a short conversation with them that puts a smile on their face.

I find that satisfying.


And deciding is another place where gratitude helps me.

Just the ability to make decisions about my future.

Make decisions that I’m going to prioritize learning things and really getting them into me.


I can only go slow right now.

I’m taking on things that, building them into small habits, can make a difference over a long period of time, if I sustain it.

Where there’s a compound effect!


Maybe what I do is really tiny right now; maybe what I do can only impact a few people right now.

But once I have a body of work, I think it’s going to be like when I really succeeded in business before.


That I lay a foundation and things will begin to build momentum over time.

As I decide to try small things, I’ll gain confidence in doing them.

And I’ll gain practical experience in getting those kinds of things done.


Deciding is something that I feel grateful for.

I have the ability to make decisions. Oh, there’s a lot of things I can’t do right now. And there’s a lot of things where, well, taking risks could be a big problem. Sometimes when dealing… having something simple like a fall where you break something… that would only faze someone else for a few months, might take a lot longer to heal for you? In which case, keeping yourself out of those situations is a better type of confidence.


For me right now, I’m having confidence in my willingness to decide to stay inside.

We’ve not had winters like this before. I think they were saying all the way back to 1943.

But I’m blessed! Because I was concerned about my intestines and things that go around like the flu? I stocked up for the winter. I’ve been eating on it anyway – because I had way too much food brought in. But the idea was, in case of an emergency or an earthquake, because I’m in an area where there could be a massive earthquake, I’ve even got water supplies. To some extent, I decided to do something silly of really stocking up. But to another extent, having been through 4 storms in a row pretty much it’s been really practical.


It’s given me confidence, that okay, I can take care of myself.

I can make good decisions.

That gave me the confidence to stay indoors. I guess you could call it cabin fever – it’s hard to stay indoors and not be with people. But I feel grateful that I have the ability to make decisions and that I’m gaining confidence by making good decisions.


Even though right now my life is really difficult.

There are decisions that I’m making and things that I’m prioritizing.


Little tiny things that I’m doing that are both healing me and giving me skills!

As well as perhaps building a foundation for a business that could support me over the decades to come.


And I feel grateful that I gain confidence from simplifying.

Sometimes things can get too complicated.

And simplifying makes it easier to add new skills.


Not trying to tackle too much at one time.

I’m grateful that I’m gaining confidence as I tackle small things. So, for example, I’m prioritizing that a few times each week I want to get an article written and posted on my little blog, – I want to prioritize building an email campaign. And testing it out!


I don’t know what people are going to respond to.

I don’t know for sure what people really need help with.


I’m testing that out.

And as I do, I’m getting responses on some things and discovering that that’s a good area for me to help me with. And others, not so much – and not repeating that.


Sometimes simplifying gives you the confidence to try more things.

Because you can test out something really small and find out if it works, or if really not so much!


I find that I’m grateful as I go about simplifying.

I try things!


And sometimes I see that they were too complicated.

I simplify them.


Sometimes I see that they don’t work!

I don’t repeat them.

Sometimes I see that there’s a potential and so I practice on it.


What is satisfying to you?

Practicing finding out what’s satisfying to you is a way of exploring possible futures for you.

Maybe you’ll build a future with a small business that supports you in the decades to come. Starting online business!


How can you test out whether there’s something that you can get momentum with?

Try things out. Practice a variety of things you find satisfying.

Explore. Test. Measure the results. Evaluate.

Practicing creates new skills. And maybe you’ll create an online business that fits you as you do.

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