Cynthia Ann Leighton: Biggest Frustration Starting Online Business

I’ve noticed a common refrain that the biggest frustration starting online business is confidence. Conquering fear. It’s a lesson I’ve learned and relearned. That…

I feel grateful for.


Confidence comes for me also in noticing what it is that I am doing.

Noticing things that are going well; and noticing the things that are well, not so much.

Just noticing who is pleased and delighted with the things that I’m doing as I interact with them helps me to have a boost in confidence. Just noticing who I’ve helped and remembering helps me feel confident about what I’m doing. And feelings, in an awareness of the present moment. Paying attention to my feelings gives me confidence because I can be aware of what I’m doing as I’m doing it.

As I feel aware of it, it increases my confidence in trying it again.


It is about doing.

Confidence does come from doing.


But it comes from doing the right things for where you are right now.

And that comes from your feelings and from your awareness of the present moment.

Because how do you know what fits you unless you look where you are right now? Where you are right now is in the present moment. That’s where you can discover your feelings. And your feelings of confidence too can grow from that.


It also comes from enduring.

Confidence comes from enduring not being able to do things until you become able to do them.

It comes from enduring in a patience kind of way.


Confidence doesn’t spring up in every area, immediately.

But it can, if you give it time and patience.


I also find that increasing confidence comes from conquering fear.

One part of that is replacing any negative self talk with remembering good experiences. And continuing that deliberate practice part in building skills. And simply stepping out in courage to allow the doing of things that will lead to confidence.


Oh, not immediately!

But if you’ve seen babies, they get pretty confident about walking even when they’re still falling down.


You can do that too as you fall down.

You can be confident as you get up and take another step.

That conquers fear. Taking another step!

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