Cynthia Ann Leighton: Goals + Results = Confidence

Goals lead to results. Confidence also comes from results. You inspire yourself when you do something small and get results.

That’s another reason why it’s valuable to do small things.


Big things show results. That takes longer – and sometimes comes with more bumps.

But when you do a small aspect of something that’s going to lead to something big you can feel inspired by what’s happening right now that you care about.


You can step out and stretch yourself.

Even if it’s something as simple as volunteering to do a task at an organization where you know people.

Even if it’s as simple as going out there and starting a blog and writing articles on a regular basis. Really bad ones until you get better!

Or starting a twitter account and tweeting out your blog posts.

Or starting a YouTube channel and being really bad at it – and getting better. And getting worse as you go and getting better and then eventually gaining confidence as the results are looking good.

And that can inspire you to try other things.


Confidence increases when you prioritize.

Because you start to notice, well, what you’re thankful for when you prioritize.

Because when you prioritize you’re doing the things that matter more to you.

And when something has to slide, it’s not the thing that’s most important to you.


Prioritizing gives you clarity, too.

Because when you prioritize something and you get really good at it, slowly, with bumps, and with mistakes along the way – it lights your passion for what does matter to you.


It is about your passion.

Your confidence increases when you trust yourself to do the things you care about.

Because that does light your passion and that lights the fire of the world around you.

Because it gets you to pay attention more.

To be in the present moment.


Simply live.

And as you do that, you become more confident in your choices.


Life becomes more satisfying.

You make better decisions.

You tend to simplify things, increase your energy, notice what’s going on, feel better about yourself as you’re aware of the present moment, endure with patience, conquer fear, get inspiration from your own results, and gain clarity about what it is you want. And what is passion for you.


You gain that kind of clarity, peace, and joy as you increase your confidence.

The confidence you get that comes from doing.


But it comes from doing right things that fit you in the current moment.

The current phase that you’re going through.


And it comes from that deliberate practice.

It comes from the doing of it.


Be like the baby that runs through life and gets all kinds of Olympic Medals in the events that they choose in life.

Choose what your Olympic Event is.

Is it starting a business? Is it building your health better? Do you need to work on your relationships? Do you need to have a source of income for your entire life that doesn’t depend on other people who have control of your time?


Build confidence!

You’ll be able to do all these things and more.


Increase your confidence.

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