Accepting Gets Me to Do

Now’s a rough time! Yet? What’s before me right now are still things that matter to me.

When I prioritize what I put into my life now, when I choose well, I’m able to think also long-term.

Well, in terms of how I can be more effective over the course of my lifetime…
by the little things I choose to do right now.


By trusting! And by welcoming my feelings instead of resisting them.

By welcoming the feeling that I want to do more.

And accepting that I can do more.


By doing!

By doing the small thing that I can do, I’m doing more.


By putting myself into whatever I do, I’m doing more.

I’m putting more into the world than was there before I did.


And you can too! By choosing well today. By looking at what is in front of you.

And by taking action to do something about whatever it is that’s in front of you.


Something simple.

Something that’s kind of predictable.

That puts you into a pattern!

So that choosing well today becomes a daily do-something for you. 

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Cynthia Ann Leighton

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