Cynthia Ann Leighton: Trust Yourself to Do Something

When you’re building a business, there are a lot of moving parts, aren’t there? Whew. Which to learn? What to do? Choosing well today is about doing something.


That’s right: Choosing well today is about doing something.

Doing something might be as simple as reading a book.

Doing something might be as simple as writing an article.

Doing something simple might be as big as learning something like YouTube. Opening a PowerPoint slide. Putting a picture that you’ve taken and a few words. Opening your mouth and recording yourself talk for 3 to 5 minutes. And including a small call to action so that people know how they can get more if they want.


When you’re building a business, doing small things each day builds a habit.

Oh, you might not do them every single day. But if you do them several times a week, it builds a habit.


It builds an ability to just do them.

Not fret over them. Not be scared over them.


Well, you start out being scared.

In fact, I predict you’ll start out being terrified.


Every time you start something new, there’s going to be some small little aspect of it that feels terrifying.

And you’ll gain confidence when you go forward and just do it.


Just throw yourself into it. Do the best you can.

And once it’s behind you: decide! Is it so bad that you need to throw it away? Or is it not quite bad. Because it might help someone.


What do you want?

Recognizing what you want gives you the steps for what to do for it.

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