Action Overcomes Being Stuck

One problem in moving forward is that I get stuck. I’ve found that when you get stuck, if you allow yourself to wallow in being stuck, that’s all there is.

Hey! What if? What if it’s just for a moment?

When being stuck is all there is for a moment?

Well, that’s okay, then, right? In fact it’s probably “normal” as in it happens to most of us.


People simply do get stuck.

It’s when you stay there, in that state of being stuck, that it becomes a problem.

Because when you stay in that? You start to feel it.

You start to experience it as being part of you.


Feelings of being stuck are not helpful.

So, let them go! Let them be… just for a moment.

Then let go of being stuck.


How do you let go of being stuck?

Here’s how to stop being stuck: do something.


That’s right.

Something as in anything.


Hey, sometimes I find that the answer is eating one piece of dark chocolate!

Or going for a walk. Or doing a little dance step for a couple minutes. Or smiling in the mirror.

Or picking up the phone to encourage someone else. Or choosing someone to send a thank you note.

Or reading to learn. Or writing a blog post to help. Or making a YouTube so that I get better at that.

Or thinking of all that I’m grateful for.


Or… well, you get the idea now, right?

Pick something that fits you right now and take action to do it.


For me, action overcomes being stuck.

Oh, I’ll be stuck again. Yes, I will. And I’ll let go of it by taking action again.

Like eating, moving, sleeping, brushing my teeth and all the things of life, I’ll need to repeat.


Repeated effort over time solves a lot, doesn’t it?

Even when you’ve got to repeat? Hey! If it works each time? Go for it!


When you become the you who’s action oriented, you’ll be able to tackle whatever happens.

You’ll learn to let go of the feelings of being stuck faster at times. Slower at times! The key being: you’ll move forward again.

Getting over those feelings can help me get moving forward in the direction of my dreams.

Turning dreams into reality becomes a matter of getting unstuck! Yep, you’ve got to do the right things too. You’ll figure it out – you’ll learn to steer yourself! – as you go.

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Cynthia Ann Leighton

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