Cynthia Ann Leighton: Prepare to go Viral

When I succeeded in business before, I noticed progress in business is not linear. You take off based on foundations you build.


The processes you put into play in small ways from the ground up create a platform.

You launch from that platform.


You don’t get to choose if or when you go viral.

Indeed, you might not. It might be more of a series of waves that lift you up.

Your foundation gives you the skills to benefit from whatever waves or virality may arise.

Since that foundation is something you can impact? I choose to build what I can as I can.


Right now, I’m grateful that I’m doing small things. Grateful to be building a foundation!

That way I have a chance to put a solid business online together piece by piece.

In my gratitude, I find happiness in the tasks involved.


Yes, most businesses fail.

But if you gain skill and happiness along the way?

Well that’s another kind of viral that happens within.


There sure are a lot of moving pieces to starting business online!

The pieces work together – and give me the ability to learn one small aspect at a time.


I’m getting solid skills.

It’s coming slowly.

I’m slow! Yet I’m grateful for being able to do these small things.

I can do a little bit.

That’s how I’m approaching it. Doing a little bit. Then doing another little bit!


I’m learning strategy as I go.

Over time, small things, done strategically, do tend to add up.

I remember that from experiencing earlier business success!


So, for now, as I heal, I’m focused on helping people one by one.

Hey! That’s all any big business does anyway, isn’t it? Help one person at a time.

Wrap processes around that and the result is moving in the right direction.

Do it slowly and with gratitude? I’m discovering new skills and happiness. You can too!

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