What To Do To Get What You Want

Nurturing yourself is about the basics. But it’s also about your deepest desires. Taking care of you includes asking good questions. Such as: What do you want?

Recognizing what you want gives you the steps of what to do for it.

For me, I want to help people by having an online business.

So, yes, I want to do things like look at my PayPal account and see that I made sales!

But I also want to focus on the part about helping people.

About the little weekly coaching training program where I do a tiny bit of teaching and recording. And I offer that up to the world as my way of sharing what I’m going through in a way that I hope will help other people to move forward with their lives.

You, today!

I want to help you to move forward with your life so that you are choosing well today and ending up with a life that you want –  a life that has a lot of elements to it. A life that has you eating well, sleeping well, moving well.

As you go through your day doing those things, interacting with people you want to interact with. Helping people! Making a difference in the world in the way that’s before you. Building a business that helps you to support yourself over the decades to come.

You can put something in place and tinker with it over the years.

Oh, it’s not going to be big in the beginning. But it might be.

Later on, you’ve got something substantial that’s just a little bit of ongoing effort each week where it gives you something you enjoy doing, a way to help people, and a steady source of income.

Once you’ve gotten things going! As long as you keep on doing a little bit with it.

Kind of like one of those old steam locomotives. It took an awful lot to get them to move that first inch.

Once it would get going you could just keep throwing a log in the fire and the heat, the steam would just be continuous. Throw one more, throw one more, keep it going. That’s like you. Once you get things going, it’s do a little bit more.

Pour a little bit more of your effort in. Help a little more people, one on one with emails and telephone conversations. help people by recording what you’re doing so that what you doing has a little bit more permanence to it. You don’t have to teach the same thing over and over again the same way.

When you want an online business, that’s one way that works for people of what to do to get what you want!

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