Encouraging YOU in starting

Gaining one new skill is daunting. Starting business online? 100++ new skills! Tackling unknowns. What’s most important in business? Encouraging you!


In starting, I’ve found that keeping myself encouraged is a big part of it.

By encouraging myself, I keep going.

Like a baby learning to walk, of course I’m going to fall!

What I need to do is to get up again and again, learning a bit from each time.

Like that baby, I’m going to need encouragement.

Unlike baby, I can do part of it myself.

I can remind myself that I’ve done this process of learning before.


There are frustrations in business.

Those business frustrations need to be overcome.


Feedback for what’s working and what’s not working helps me to evaluate what to do next.

Then what’s next needs to be started.


What’s next for you?

How can you encourage yourself so that you overcome the frustrations?

One thing I’ve found is that knowing why I want to do what I want to do makes a difference that encourages me to keep going.

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Cynthia Ann Leighton

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