Goals Help Me Move Forward

Goals set me up to succeed over time. Turning dreams into reality happens for me when I pick achievable goals. I work toward dreams without giving up!


I’m being consistent and persistent. Because of that, I’m making progress.

I’ve got a long ways to go!

The important thing is that I’m doing it.

Each week, I accomplish a bit more.

On the business side, that includes research, evaluation and the creation of content.

Plus creating written content from tweets to blog posts and emails, and audios such as those with tiny talks on YouTube and brief weekly coaching calls.


It takes patience.

I’ve gained a whole new level of patience!

I succeeded in business before, so I know that if I continue to get the feedback and help that I need, my goals and persistence are likely to lead me to success online.


How do you succeed over time?

I’ve found that goal setting in each area of my life helps me.

Are you using goal setting in each area of your life?


Because I’m here to encourage you to recognize that you can do it.

You can achieve your dreams if you’re willing to persevere.


It takes goal setting, lots of patience, evaluation, re-evaluation, and a willingness to work.

I’ve found happiness along the way in the past. And now too!

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