Cynthia Ann Leighton on Breaking Goals into Doable Steps

Being successful in online business is one of my goals. Starting business online is a good smaller goal. Making blog posts is a doable step I chose to adopt as my own.


Yep, there are many strategies starting business online: there’s way more to it than simply blog posts.

Yet even writing one blog post was more than I could handle at first.

So even that small step during these health-challenged times stretched me into overdoing.


Visit my earlier posts and you’ll see what I mean.

Each one took me forever.

There are a jumble of ideas in each post.

I felt so overwhelmed that, looking back, it was as if I was creating each word.


Now, I am able to write blog posts readily.

The experience is a good one rather than an overwhelming one.

Over time, I expect to continue to improve in my ability to create a blog post as well as in the results that I produce with each blog post.

You will gain experience and results over time too!


Underdoing would have been easy.

For example? Not starting. Quitting.


But I chose to overdo in order to gain the skill to write blog posts.

Breaking goals into doable steps helps me to move in the directon of my dreams.


Breaking my goal of being successful in online business into starting business online helped.

Then choosing to start a blog and making blog posts every week pointed me in a good direction.


I keep adding doable steps.

More slowly than others!

Yet also more consistently and persistently!!


I’m being successful starting business online one step at a time.

Yep, I’ll go slower and take longer than others.

Like the old fable story of the tortoise and the hare, my progress will continue.

I’m making a life journey toward being successful in online business.

Because being successful online business is one of my goals, I’ll keep getting feedback, help and adding steps.

If your goals include starting business online, stick around and you’ll get daily inspiration, personal growth, examples of strategies starting business online, doable steps and much much more.

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