Starting Business Online Now? Grow YOU!

Hello, Cynthia Ann Leighton here! When you’re starting business online now, grow you, yourself, first. You need new skills. You can grow your own!


How do you do that?

Be willing to grow one skill at a time.


One good place to start is your own blog.

I’m doing that right here, this is the Cynthia Ann Leighton blog by any other name.

You can do that too. With your name! Or with some words that describe what you’re doing.


That way you’ll have your own platform that shows your own improvement over time.

You can use that kind of a platform in anything for starting business online now.

Grow you from it – and use it in some way later.


Your blog might change over time.

That’s okay. It shows the real you as you grow. That’s useful!


Getting a YouTube channel can follow that.

Because you can use the content you create on your blog as a jumping off point for what to do on YouTube.


Using Twitter to tweet your blog posts and to tweet your YouTubes is a good third step.

You can learn slowly and thoroughly while you figure out the rest of the details of what starting business online now means for you.


That’s what I did. That’s what I’m doing.

I’ve got a YouTube channel and I tweet on Twitter.

Yes, it’s a slow way to start.

But? Hey! Going slow is good when you’re at the early stages of gaining skills.

That way you won’t get discovered too soon, and you’ll gain experience by helping the first people who find you.


Going slowly gives you the chance to gain confidence in your new skills.

Confidence matters! Because confidence gives you the staying power to avoid the top business problem of giving up.

After all, most businesses do fail. Why? Well, in my opinion, based on my observation, most businesses fail because people give up.


Plan to start slowly.

Then you can build in that you allow yourself time to gain skills and confidence!


When you’re starting business online now, & grow you, you’re giving yourself the time to grow your biggest asset.

Because you, yourself, will always be your biggest asset.


That’s right. No matter how much or how little money you’ve got, you are your biggest asset.

Give yourself the time to gain the skills you need to succeed when you’re starting business now.

Grow you! You won’t regret that.


That’s how I’m starting business online now & grow you is the kind of plan that leaves you with a better version of you.

No matter what other success does or does not follow – I will have a better version of Cynthia Ann Leighton.

No matter how long it takes!

After all, who knows? You could live to be 100 years old.

Starting business online now, grow you, and you’ll enjoy all the years between now and then.

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