Trust Starting Business Online is a Process not an Event

Trust gives me a way to think about the future. Today I’ve been thinking how I trust starting business online is a process not an event.

Right now, my main role is to heal and grow. Me! My business!

I’m using starting business online to heal, to grow, and to create a path to income online.

Health challenges put me back at the beginning for everything.

Like a baby learning to stand up, I’m falling down.

Like a baby, I keep getting back up.


I’m learning.

It’s slow. I’m slow.

I’m not giving up.

I’ve found that not giving up is a key to success in life.


I’ve used that key in the past.

This time’s more challenging.

I’m doing it. You can too.


Copy these parts of what I’m doing!

Be determined to learn.

Get feedback.

Get help.

Keep going.


I’m trusting that those basics will get me moving toward what I need to succeed online.

I’m applying myself to using starting business online to create a path to income online.

At the same time, I’m using starting business online to build my life and myself in whatever ways I want and need.


I invite you to copy that trust for yourself.

Trust starting business online is a process rather than an event.

Recognize processes take time.

Allow yourself that time. Don’t give up!

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Cynthia Ann Leighton

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