Personal Growth While Starting Business Online


Building an online business to help people matters to me. I’m grateful to be learning how to build my own business online.

I’m having fun building my business. I’m growing. I’m gaining skills.

It’s slow! I’m slow. So sometimes I do get frustrated.

Because there’s lots for me to learn.

Also because I’m healing from big health challenges.


I’m doing it. That feels like the most important aspect right now.

I’m choosing to do what I need to do to get to the next step in building my business.

That includes regular weekly habits such as building my online platform.

My platform includes making blog posts and creating YouTubes for my online business, as well as writing emails for my email campaign.

Plus outlining a talk so that I can figure out how to do a weekly conference call that makes a difference.

Ah, and figuring out how to attract people starting business online. Because right now my audience is tiny.


How do you attract an audience online?

I’m working on that. As I do, I’ll be able to teach that too. For now, I’m grateful to be gaining a tiny following by my simple weekly actions.

Because I do have a tiny audience now.

I look forward to building a significant audience online by helping people one by one.

And continuing to meet people online and invite each person to join my email list.

I’m wrapping processes around that as I learn! And slowly, one person at a time, I’m getting it to happen.

That’s right. One person at a time! Offering help with personal growth while starting business online. Thanks for being here.

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