How to Get Online Business Skills = Personal Growth!

There’s a  gap between starting business online and using skills you need. Part of how to get online business skills: keep on keeping on! Personal growth works.


When you’re starting online based on offline business success, there are skills you’ve got to get.

Because there’s a learning curve and it’s wise to have part of that know-how within you.


If you’re starting online from scratch, you’ve got a bigger learning curve.

You’ve got a bigger need to keep on keeping on.

You’ve got a bigger need to be like me and keep reminding yourself that “I am doing it!”


Keeping on keeping on builds habits.

Habits make it easier for me to do particular tasks.

Those habits, as I develop them, spur me on.

My personal growth lifts me up, gets me figuring it out.


Doing the little tasks I’ve adopted as my own helps me keep on keeping on.

It gives me that deep down feeling, that gratitude experience that makes the difference in moving forward toward my dreams.

That feeling helps me overcome the inevitable mistakes and bumps.

It’s a feeling that guides me in building little routines with each new skill I get.


If you’re determined to build an online enterprise of your own?

Keep on keeping on and look to the long term.

Start small. Learn one small skill, then another. Use your skills.


As you do small tasks, put together a routine that you enjoy that you’re able to maintain.

Find small pieces you can do. Learn from those pieces and from your mistakes.


Build habits that form your daily how you do.

When that’s happening, remind yourself that “I am doing it!”

Then you’re more likely to keep doing it.

You’re more likely to do the little things that get you to the big things.


There will be bumps.

You’re human! Forgive yourself. Forgive others.

You’ll lift yourself up and realize that you can figure it out.


Get the feedback and help you need.

Remind yourself often that “I am doing it!”

Keep lifting yourself up to keep on keeping on you’ll build habits of learning what you need to learn.

That kind of personal growth works. That’s also how to get online business skills!

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