Doing what’s before me

I learned how tags work on YouTube today. Now I know one reason I’m not getting views is I had no idea how to use tags on YouTube!

I’m going to start practicing that skill.

Later I might go back and change a few old ones!

Because it turns out even YouTube re-evaluates our stuff when we grow and change.


Over my life, I’ve learned that it’s important to use a whole lot of ways of learning new skills.

Today I bumped into another example of that in my life by seeing that I had no idea how YouTube tags work.

Yes, I made a mess.

Yet if I had not made that mess, I would have missed out on getting better at talking.


I add the little skills I add each day to the whole long journey of learning.

Learning small things matters.

I continue to learn small things and gain practice.


I can only do a little bit.

By choosing to do the little bit that I can do, I move forward.


I’m grateful that I’m consistently, persistently moving forward.

I trust that forward progress, however small, matters.

I’ve been through this slow process before.

Got hit by more health challenges.

Keeping on keeping on.

I trust that what I can do will be enough as long as I learn to do what’s before me here and now.

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