Making My Dreams Become Reality

For me, part of making my dreams become reality always starts with looking at the small actions that might be possible today.

That way I gain confidence.


I grow!

I get skills I need before doing a big thing toward my dream.


I figure out what I need first and then use personal development to get it.

That’s why I back up from my dreams to the smaller things that need to happen first in my life and in my growth.

For example, because of my health challenges I have to start life over from scratch. I can only do a little bit at a time, too.



How do you start over? How do you gain skills?

For me, I practice wherever I can. I try tiny things. I build on those tiny things as I do each one.

Maybe one moment it’s practicing a tiny thing three times in a row.

Maybe another time it’s practicing that tiny thing once and then stepping into other things.



I practice!

I dare to practice with the very smallest of actions.

As I practice, I grow.

As I grow, I figure out other tiny things that help me to connect with people and grow.

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Cynthia Ann Leighton

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