What About Failure Challenges You Right Now?

Failure happens, doesn’t it? What about failing challenges you in this moment of your life?


Maybe you hate the fact that you can put in effort to try to achieve something big (like becoming self-employed) and then fail at it.

Or that you could work really hard on your health challenges but not heal them.

Or perhaps you wonder about the people who do try and still fail, what about them?


Well, I’ve observed that some people who do try and still fail may become bitter.

Indeed, some may give up on trying anything much.

So sometimes I guess the people who do try and still fail get stuck.


For me? I’ve found that I learn from failure.

That experience of learning from failure helps me choose to work on learning more from whatever the current failure may be.

Specifically, I’ve learned that I get better results when I look for what I’m grateful for in my failures.

For example, I look at what happened, or what’s happening if it’s now.


I reflect on what I learned from what went right as well as what I learned from what went wrong.

I give myself a gift of uncovering skills and benefits I may have gained during that time of failure.

In failure, being gentle with myself by reminding myself that I can use those skills going forward, well, it helps me!

I remind myself of the benefits after I figure out what they may be.


In fact, I invest time and energy pondering on how I might use my experience of failing so that I can make a better life.

That’s part of what strengthens me and what brings me peace.


I use failure to become a better person.

And sometimes I recognize how I might apply that experience to helping people.


The result is that mostly I sit in peace.

Why peace? Because in choosing an attitude of gratitude I usually recognize that I did the best I could in that situation under those circumstances… and that, oh well, that did not work out. It’s a broken world, so not everything in life works out even when I do the best I can.


Then? Well, I try to dust myself off to figure out what’s next.

I try again by thinking how I might begin anew.


For big failures? Yep. It takes more.

One part of the more for me is that I go through this process in various ways again and again so that my gratitude becomes deep enough to lift me up so that I feel ready to move forward again.

I let my gratitude inspire me.


Gratefulness heals failure.

What do you think of that?

Have you failed at anything that, in looking back, there’s stuff you got from the experience of failing?

Do you ever feel grateful for something you gained from failing?

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