Purposeful Laughter Helps Me Grow

Taking care of myself as I heal is a big job. I want to grow! Keeping tough stuff light aids me in personal growth. Seeking purposeful laughter helps me grow.


Because small things I can do, well, they’re still difficult.

Because what I now can do more readily, sigh, I’m still pretty bad at them as yet.

Taking what I do lightly helps me make things happen.


When I push too hard? Not helpful!

When I look for humor? Ahhh… Laughter helps me keep things light!

My personal growth benefits from lightness and laughter.


When I take things more lightly? I find I’m more willing to do what I can.

Even when it feels too small to matter.

I know from my psychology of learning background that small things matter.

Big stuff comes from the person I become.

I’ve got to do the work of becoming the person I want to be.

That requires the doing of much small stuff.

As I do, I gain experience of being and becoming.

I become ready for the next step.

Purposeful laughter helps me grow toward readiness for a better future.

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Cynthia Ann Leighton

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