How to let go of self doubt

I need to let go of self doubt. I am where I am right now! I want to move forward. Small steps toward small goals is what I must do to move forward toward the bigger stuff.


As I let go of self doubt, I dare to act.

As I act, self doubt lifts.

As I focus on serving others, I let go of myself.

That helps me experience being where I am in the present moment.

I get to move forward when I work on the tiniest aspects of my small goals.

The bigger stuff is made up of the small things I choose to do today.

Tomorrow gets built by the work of today.

Being actively in pursuit of dreams by doing the small actions possible today matters.

I let go of self doubt, nurture myself and move toward my goals and dreams by daring to act in the smallest ways right now.

Sigh. It’s simple but it’s sure not easy, is it?

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