Building little products teaching what I’ve learned

I’m starting to enjoy walking, talking, making a recording. Oh, the terror returns.

Then I look for where I can be creative. Building little products teaching what I’ve learned.


I’m not the first person who faced too many health challenges in a row, getting flattened by one thing after another.

I’m not the only one with little annoyances in this day, week, and month.

I’m not the only one because life has bumps.


Got bumps?

Congratulations! You’re human.


As humans, we learn and then we learn more by teaching what we learn.

Making a difference in the world happens one small step at a time.


Sometimes I need to simply pay attention to my breath and see where that takes me.

That’s what I’m doing here in this blog, day in and day out. We may never meet. But maybe I can help you!

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Cynthia Ann Leighton

Cynthia Ann Leighton gives an inspirational lift. If your challenges put you out of action or into feeling stuck, prepare yourself here. Learn to put into practice what you need. Focus! Clarity! Joy! Cynthia helps you get into implementation when you're struggling. Steadily! Get slow self-improvement and persistent growth. Develop hope for overcoming daunting challenges.