Accepting being gentle with myself

I’ve found that being gentle with myself helps in many ways. I keep moving forward because I accept my need to care for me as I am.

My journey requires patience.


Have you noticed a need for patience?


Have you observed that acceptance of this phase of your life opens an opportunity to be gentle with yourself?


I can do small things.

I do my small things.

But sometimes even my small things are more than I can do!

I learned to accept that being gentle with myself builds inner reserves.


I need quiet reserves of inner strength.

That’s not modeled so much in the busy world out there, is it?


There have been times I could climb bigger mountains.

Yet I face a different set of mountains now.


I’m doing it!

You can too.


I’m here to help you partly by modeling moving forward.

Today, I encourage you to be gentle with yourself as you figure out what you need to do.

If it’s rest? Climb into bed.

If it’s mountain scaling? Get climbing! Rest on the mountain top.

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